Ground Transportation

As many parents and players can attest, the size of the Dubuque Soccer Complex is fairly large and may have some terrain that may be difficult to traverse by the elderly (e.g. grandparents) or those in poor health (especially during episodes of severe weather).

To the extent possible, Dubuque AYSO volunteers may be on-hand with a multi-seat golf cart to help transport individuals across the grounds to a particular field. Should you or a member of your family want/need assistance getting to a particular field, please "flag-down" a golf-cart volunteer or contact us so we can attempt to accomodate specific needs.

NOTE: The golf carts at the soccer complex also serve to transport injured players from a field and Dubuque AYSO asks that you be mindful of possible extenuating circumstances if the complimentary ground transportation cannot be honored at a given moment in time.