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Our New Web-site is Coming!
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Attention everyone!! Dubuque AYSO Region 419 will be moving to a new web address. Please update your bookmark(s) to our new site (coming soon) which will be
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Announcement for Everyone:
Registration Is Approaching!
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AYSO Registration for the summer of 2017 will begin in January on the following dates: January 6th, 9am to 3:30pm (NICC Townclock), January 11th, 6pm to 8pm (Roosevelt Middle School), January 25th, 6pm to 8pm (Roosevelt Middle School), February 11th, 9am to 3:30pm (NICC Townclock).
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Welcome to AYSO of Dubuque!

Our youth soccer program is open to all children (in fact, it is one of AYSO's philosophies) starting at age 4 and adolescents up to age 19. AYSO is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, which is made up of parents, friends, and other youth!

Check out our Registration page for complete registration details. If you also wish to volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, team parent, or various other helpful jobs, please contact us or one of our Directors. Volunteers are always needed. Be a part of the fun!

Open Volunteer Positions

As a completely volunteer organization, AYSO of Dubuque relies on the willingness of team parents and other individuals to fulfill various responsibilities to help keep AYSO running smoothly. At the current time, the following Board position(s) need a volunteer:

  • (New) Assistant Coach Administrator - The Coach Administrator is responsible for ensuring that all coaches have proper training, and continue to advance in their certifications to create a more sophisticated learning and playing experience for the youth. The Assistant Coach Administrator would assist the Coach Administrator in putting together coach packets with up-to-date information, in addition to distributing information during the regular season. The coaching staff works with the Divisional Coaches to reduce the number of phone calls and emails per person.
  • (New) U5 Coaching Assistant - Organizing many 4 and 5 year olds in a jamboree style of soccer can get very hectic, especially when all responsibility is left on the U5 Master Coach. The U5 coaching assistant would help coordinate players and coaches/parent helpers to their fields and assist in showing them how to do each weekly practice/drill.
  • (New) Additional Coaching Staff - The Coach Administrators and Divisional coaches spend a lot of time ensuring that coaches are properly trained, and have all necessary information that pertains to their weekly responsibilities. People interested in joining the coaching staff would be a primary contact to coaches within their division to help distribute information, such as schedule changes, weather cancellations, or policy changes. The additional coaching staff works directly with the Divisional coaches, Equipment Manager, Coach Administrator, and Regional Commissioner, in that order.
  • (New) Assistant Referee Administrator - The Assistant Referee Administrator works with the Referee Administrator to ensure that referees are properly trained, and continue to advance in their training level from year to year. The Refereeing staff also assists in recruiting referees to help cover all games during the season.
  • U6 and U10 Divisional Coach - Good coaches make for a great AYSO experience for every young player. AYSO volunteer coaches all show the same generosity of spirit to offer their time for young athletes, but have different skill levels and personal coaching philosophies. The Coach Administrator keeps track of the coaches in the Region, offers training and certification, models AYSO’s coaching philosophies and implements the National Coaching Program before, during and after the season.

Contact our Regional Commissioner for additional information and thank you for getting involved and making a difference in our community youth sports!

New to AYSO? Check out this short, informational video!

Have a question or a comment? Please see our Board member page for complete contact information.